USPS Suspends Service for Calif. Block After ‘Violent’ Resident Attacks Carriers

One California neighborhood will not receive United States Postal Service mail for the foreseeable future after several reports of assaults on carriers by a resident.

According to CBS Los Angeles, USPS suspended its service for a single block in Santa Monica due to the assaults, which include at least one instance when the unidentified resident swung a broomstick at one of their carriers.

Residents living near the Santa Monica intersection of 14th Street and Arizona Avenue are affected by the pause in service.

“My immediate reaction was just disappointment… frustration,” resident Courtney Smith told CBS Los Angeles of the suspension.

“I feel a lot of compassion for the mail carriers,” she added. “They shouldn’t have to deal with that. Likewise, I feel compassion for the people that are instigating these things because who knows what’s going on.”


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