USPS surpasses Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) drive goals

Postal Service employees pledged $7.7 million during the most recent Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), exceeding the organization’s goal by 20 percent.

The average USPS pledge was $365, an increase of 17 percent from the previous campaign.

Additionally, employees pledged 37,000 volunteer hours to CFC member charities, more than three times the hours pledged during the previous campaign cycle.

“Through the great work by campaign workers and the generous spirit of USPS employees, we held events that raised awareness, made contact with employees across the nation and increased pledges,” said Kathleen Harper, a human resources program and policy analyst who oversaw the organization’s CFC efforts.

The CFC is the federal government’s annual workplace charity drive. The latest drive, which began in September and concluded Feb. 22, allows federal workers and retirees to contribute to more than 8,000 charities.

Employees across the nation held events to promote the CFC and encourage colleagues to support causes that mattered to them.

Other employees shared personal stories of how CFC member charities helped them and their families.

“I have been doing CFC for the last 13 years and enjoy each year,” said Jane Trejo, a CFC keyworker at the Santa Ana, CA, Processing and Distribution Center. “I meet a lot of nice people at all the Post Offices who help me promote the CFC and all of its causes.”

Datra Robinson served as a CFC keyworker at the Greenville, SC, Processing and Distribution Center, which raised more than $25,000 for the campaign — including $15,000 during a single charity fair.

“I am so proud,” Robinson said. “For us to have raised that amount, especially during a government shutdown, was amazing.”


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