USPS Suffered Most in Holiday Package Deluge

The U.S. Post Office suffered most in terms of on-time performance and complaints this peak holiday season, experts agreed, with FedEx also having issues but not to the same extent and UPS doing better, as all were buried by a cataclysmic holiday package deluge from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Reports came in from all over the country about extra-long USPS delays that had items not showing up in time for Christmas, sometimes taking weeks in places like Detroit, Memphis and Pittsburgh. In some instances even Priority Mail service, promising 1-3 business day service, took weeks for items shipped in early December.

To be fair, the USPS was the recipient of lots of seasonal spillover of holiday package volume that UPS and FedEx couldn’t handle and it had to, and thousands of workers have been sidelined with a COVID diagnosis.

“I think the USPS had huge problems and is having them still,” said Steve Mulaik, a partner at supply chain consultancy Argon & Co. “I understand that a 50% bump in ecommerce volume is huge for anyone to take on, but Fed Ex and UPS have had far fewer service issues.”

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And now the second stimulus checks are out and the Xmas volume level continues to this day. Yesterday parcel volume was insane.. ungrateful asshole customers who we busted out ass for during December won’t even let us come up for air after Xmas.

Now the Democrat substation promises 2000$ checks ASAP…

All that stimulus money is going directly to Amazon.

Amazon packages were put ahead of other packages at distribution there are still backlogs of postal packages and mail relatives are still looking for cards that were mailed the first week of December get real postal items should be first priority to other companies

Have you seen the TV series The Wire where the Major in charge of homicide tells the detectives not to bring him a previous years case that would make his number look bad? Same thing happens here. Even with “First In First Out” printed on the dispatch sheet the delivery station management sees that they already had a “failure” on the postal items and they will look better if they just deliver the Amazon and thus not getting a second failure, on the Amazon by letting the original failure sit.