USPS statement on agreement with NAACP to dismiss Election Mail lawsuit

“The Postal Service has reached agreement with the NAACP to dismiss the Election Mail lawsuit filed by the NAACP last year. Consistent with the Postal Service’s steadfast commitment to fulfilling our vital role in the nation’s electoral process, we agreed to continue to prioritize monitoring and timely delivery of Election Mail for future elections. This will include outreach and coordination with election officials and election stakeholders, including the NAACP. The Postal Service continues to believe that none of the Election Mail lawsuits were justified by the facts or supported by the applicable law. The Postal Service performed admirably in the 2020 General Election and would have done so regardless of the litigation. Nevertheless, we are pleased to resolve this case in a manner consistent with our longstanding policies and practices.”

Thomas J. Marshall
General Counsel and Executive Vice President
U.S. Postal Service


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