USPS Spending More to Deliver Less, Audit Finds

The reduction in mail volume has not been accompanied by a comparable decline in expenses, an IG audit has said, saying that “the Postal Service’s strategic initiatives to reduce costs and optimize the processing network have not achieved planned cost savings.”

For example, it said, the Postal Service had planned on savings of $1.9 billion over fiscal 2014-2018 from its “Ready Now/Future” initiative, but achieved savings of only $339.1 million; it reported no savings in 2018 from facilities consolidations carried out earlier; and auditors were able to verify only $90.7 million in savings over 2016-2017 from the Operational Window Change” initiative that lowered first-class mail service standards, which had been projected to save $1.6 billion in that time.


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Hahaha ???? Postal Management is the problem.

A parcel is not a letter, when it is so large that a special trip has to made without 1st class letters you have lost money. The entire reach for revenue without recognizing the liability that we have to fulfill by delivering a piece has never been considered.

Maybe if they spent less time micromanaging the carriers, about backing up and charged amazon what UPS and FEDEX did, things would be better. Oh and maybe just maybe stop hiring NEW VP’s for 250k a year for a made up position.

I’m taking double and triple trips into my buildings due to package volumes. We do not have the necessary equipment oh and they started making us scan all of our packages so we can put them in their designated areas in our trucks????

Management is terrible .Mail measurements are just made up to meet whatever number is needed.Mail up scan done even if we’re still waiting for last mail truck.I doubt post office has any idea of actual mail volume and parcel numbers and actual work hours.


12,500 packages(from 2011-present) shipped and delivered without one loss and less than .0125% Priority late-rate. I opt to appreciate USPS and show the door to those who don’t. USPS isn’t the only shipping service going. It’s the standard. Other carriers hand off to USPS(The Last Mile.) That says it all.

“12,500 packages delivered without one loss”? Where on earth is that statistic coming from? I’ve had two losses personally in the last 12 months alone. Multiply that by millions. Also, where is 12,500 coming from?

Mis_management at it’s best. If USPS was private industry it would have been bankrupt a long time ago


Maybe if they didn’t have all those guys sitting behind a desk thinking up safety talks or tracking us on their computers to catch us backing up or whatever micro-managing trend they think up next, we could be more effiecient!

You are so right!! 204b’s think they know it all and once you get back they are sitting on their A looking at dots on computer to catch some hard working carriers with EXCESSIVE ACCELERATION OR DECELERATION WTF!! If you show respect you will be respected. If you’re an A you will never get the respect you think you’re going to get. Carriers rule!

Who made the decision to do away with ground service. It was the only thing UPS or FEDEX couldn’t compete with. Now it’s cheaper for me to use UPS. Which one do you think I will use.

I have to agree that we are over managed to the point of stalled.

What’s new. USPS management has never been able to do anything right!!

When we had more mail and more routes we had only two supervisors. Now we have less mail and fewer routes but 4 or 5 supervisors doing what 2 did before. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

way to top heavy every office has 5 so called supervisors that do the job of one if they can’t sort or deliver mail make them go out on road and try to pick up business stop asking carriers to do it .. hire more people that move mail clerks carriers give them benefits and better pay retirement without them there wouldn’t be a post office ! .. need to privatize have people that know how to run a business get rid of the lazy so called stressed people that used the system for an easy pay check ! raise… Read more »

Wake up idiots to many people standing around after mail is up and carriers are on the road !

“safety first” is the problem. USPS doesn’t care about safety. They care about being responsible for liability because they’re broke. The only solution they ever come up with is more rules and more accountability on their carriers who are responsible for fixing all the mistakes that trickle down to them from the entire shipping process. Good postal carriers ARE THE ONLY ASSET that’s been keeping the usps afloat. Almost every other aspect of the institution has serious problems with doing their job right. DPS is almost always messed up. Clerks consistently misthrowing packages, damaging them and missing time windows. The… Read more »