USPS, South Milwaukee Defend Choice Not To Test Employees After Positive COVID-19 Case

A mail carrier in South Milwaukee believes the way the United States Postal Service has handled a positive COVID-19 test has put employees and the public in jeopardy.

The carrier, who doesn’t want his identity revealed for fear of retaliation, said Friday morning post office leaders from Oak Creek and Northern Illinois told about 30 carriers in South Milwaukee that someone from the South Milwaukee post office had tested positive for coronavirus.

The employees in South Milwaukee were told they were not going to be tested by the health department, and they were expected to sort and deliver the mail Friday and beyond.

“The conversation felt hostile,” the carrier said. “We are probably 3 feet from each other at all times when we are inside the building. The other issue is the mask policy has not been very well enforced within the post office.”

The carrier plans to get tested.

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