USPS sends postcards encouraging voters to ‘make a plan’ for mail-in ballots

“If you plan to vote by mail, plan ahead,” the 5.5-by-8.5-inch postcard says on one side, noting that the information is for “U.S. citizens.”

On the reverse is a checklist for voters on how to prepare to vote by mail, which encourages voters to “start today” and give “ample time to complete the process,” to verify the rules in each state, to request a ballot at least 15 days before Election Day, to follow the instructions thoroughly and to return the ballot at least seven days before Election Day.

The mailer is part of a USPS campaign “to educate the public on the Postal Service’s role in the mail-in ballot process” that started in August.


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This is complete Bullsh*t, the Post Office is completely transparent in their biased election fraud to cheat the elections for the democrats.

Well then you should go vote in person! This past week I have collected over 2 dozen ballots. What do you think happens to those ballots other than I take them back and they get sent to their destination.

Way to go USPS! Meddling in election process for all 50 states. Who is the fool that authorized this mailing?

So they sent postcards that were not DPS compatible and at least 2/3rds had to be brought back as 3M to be cased the next day.