USPS seeks early retirements for non-union postal employees, management hiring freeze

The Postal Service has put a management hiring freeze in place and will soon accept early retirements from non-union postal employees as part of a reorganization the agency announced Friday.

USPS said these changes won’t lead to a reduction in force, and that “there are no immediate impacts to USPS employees,” but the agency will request Voluntary Early Retirement Authority from the Office of Personnel Management for employees not represented by a collective bargaining agreement.

Several postal unions represent the vast majority of the Postal Service’s workforce of more than 600,000 employees, but about 50,000 employees aren’t covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has also reshuffled USPS executives and restructured the agency to focus on three lines of effort — retail and delivery operations, logistics and processing, and commerce and business solutions.

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i know a few postmasters that should retire.

I know about 10000 PM jobs that should be phased out. Go to and search the salaries of 01862 and 01865 for starters…

I know a president who should resign.

Good to move these guys around. I had a manager who was in his position for 20 some years. He was vindictive and supported personnel that harrassed others, especially women who challenged him. I was one and after a 5 year battle with HR, EEO twice and a lawsuit, I finally prevailed over him. But the toll was overwhelming. At least he retired before I did.

Sounds like my manager

I have worked for the post office for 38 years some at first as a mailhandler and now a city carrier and I will say what the new postmaster is doing in regards to cutting management is long over due. I will be one of his next steps is a buyout for city carriers . You may not like Trump but the post office needs to be cleaned up it is long over due . We will end up with a better postal service

Why not open early retirement option to union represented employees?

I agree with Clayton I am looking for a early retirement myself.An early option needs to be made available to union workers to.

Are the union employees going to be offered a early retirement why is this limited to just nonunion employees.

It’s top heavy! Get rid of unnecessary, unproductive managers first. Early retirement would be nice for us union members, but we need employees! We are so short handed.

I agree with you ! We are too top heavy !! Too many chiefs not enough Indians !!!

It been like that for 43 years, so I agree and been saying this for a long time management needs be trimmed down and retire.

Early retirement for Union workers I doubt it we are already short nationwide. I will be overtime 6 days a week. The small cities and towns probably not. Mpls/St.Paul we are hurting very BAD!!

IN our Maintenance unit we had 25 employees with five supervisors, enough said.