USPS seeking information on USPS Electronic Parcel Lockers

1.0 Overview


The United States Postal Service (Postal Service) is seeking information regarding a package management solution that will place electronic parcel lockers in Postal Service identified locations. The Postal Service will install, operate, and maintain access to these lockers.


Based on the level of interest from the industry, the program will focus on developing Smart Locker solutions. The Postal Service may identify and pre-qualify candidates for a future solicitation aimed at demonstrating the design capabilities of the lockers to enable pickup of packages that cannot be successfully delivered to a residence or business, or as means for customers to redirect packages headed for those destinations to the lockers.


The Postal Service welcomes the cooperation of multiple entities that may be required to accomplish the objectives of this program.


2.0 Program Objectives


The Postal Service Smart Lockers will serve as a “last mile” delivery point for packages that cannot be delivered directly to the customer. These lockers will also provide a way for residential and/or businesses customers to pick up packages that were unsuccessfully delivered or for customers to redirect delivery of their packages. Customers will be able to redirect packages that were not successfully delivered to their residence or P.O. Boxes to the Postal Service Smart Locker, or customers can request their packages to be delivered to the Postal Service smart locker based on customer directions transmitted electronically to the Postal Service.


3.0 Specific Requirements


The proposed Postal Service Smart Locker solution is being designed for:


• Flexibility (expandable/reconfigurable)
• Easy installation or assembly, as applicable
• Security (most would be located in 24 hour public accessible locations)
• Uses technology that can easily adapt to Postal Service IT systems, and with a simple customer interface that can quickly be updated as technology evolves or as use cases are expanded.


Under current development planning, the Postal Service Smart Lockers Smart Lockers will have the design characteristics as follows:


• Unit will have 44 – 90 lockers
• Locker compartments should come in at least three different sizes, with the largest compartment able to accommodate parcels up to 22.5″ x 13.5″ x 16″ in size and weigh up to 70 lbs
• Ability to electronically record inventory and use of all lockers
• Ability to transfer data associated with drop-offs, pickups, and time packages spent in lockers
• Ability to read barcodes (QR codes and other 2D barcodes), that engage locker(s) to open
• Ability to integrate seamlessly with Postal Service backend interfaces


Security Requirements


For Postal approval, Smart Lockers must be tested for resistance to tampering and unauthorized entry through the use of tools such as screwdrivers, flat plates, knives, pry bars, vise grips, pliers, chisels, and punches for a period not to exceed 3 minutes for each feature tested. No pry tools shall exceed 18 inches in length. Because of the critical nature of the maintenance door (if any), a hammer shall be used in tandem with the other tools during tests of this item. The head weight of any hammer used shall not exceed 3 pounds.”

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