USPS Says Notices About Post Office Closures Just Big Misunderstanding

Earlier this week, post offices around the country suddenly announced they were going to reduce their hours or close entirely, spurring confusion and perhaps violating federal law.  But this was all just a big misunderstanding, according to the United States Postal Service government liaison in a letter sent to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin on Friday.

The USPS letter is responding to Manchin, who asked the USPS for details regarding the rumored closures and hours reductions on Tuesday and specifically about the 12 offices in West Virginia that posted signs saying they would be closing. In a response letter, government liaison manager Sheila Meyers told Manchin that the 12 Post Offices that put up signs saying they would be closing had merely been “identified for feasibility studies for potential closure,” and that the people working in those offices were mistakenly instructed to put up signs saying they were closing. Likewise, the post offices slated for drastic hours reductions have been told to take down their signs and operate as normal for the time being.

“Please know that this was a misunderstanding,” Meyers added, “and we sincerely apologize for any frustration or confusion this may have caused you and your constituents.”

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Can’t Louie Dewey speak for himself? Wow, we get a loan. How about all the other billions to big business?

I work at a po in wva. There was no misunderstanding. They told us to post signs. You want it done right, you go to the people doing the actual work.