USPS Rolls Out Plans to Handle 2021 Peak Season Surge

The U.S. Postal Service announced a number of measures aimed at addressing peak season surges later this year, after the USPS got buried in a deluge of holiday parcels in November and December, many of them handed off from UPS and FedEx and their maxed-out networks.

The plan calls for adding 138 new package sorters in time for peak season, while additional processing machines and advanced material handling equipment will be purchased over the next 18 months as package volume grows. In March, USPS reported that customer demand for package deliveries rose 28% vs. the prior year.

USPS also plans to lease an additional 45 annex facilities located near processing centers in key locations to support package surges and overflows.

Lastly, the USPS will relocate or remove unnecessary letter and flat sorting equipment at 18 of its facilities to make room for more package sorting equipment by November, an initiative that was put on hold in 2015.

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All this sorting in a plant but not a single word about who is going to carry that last mile and where truck space will be found

no mention of where you going to get the employees to do the work, people are retiring and quitting right and left . we all put in 10-20 hour days/7 days a week this past year trying to get everything delivered. And now you say another 2 years til new llvs come out. our office is down 3 llvs right now. can’t even schedule everyone to work or they have to double up carriers. 2 carriers deliver one route then go back and reload and deliver the other route.

We need to hire extra workers just to throw parcels and help deliver packages. Hire enough to that your not over working them and if they can’t keep up get rid of them.