USPS reports another drop in on-time movement of mail ballots two days before Election Day

For the third day in a row, the US Postal Service moved fewer ballots on-time in critical battleground states than it did in the previous day, according to new court filings Sunday.

With Election Day only two days away, these continued drops in performance mean ballots are now at significant risk of not arriving to election offices in time to get counted. In a majority of states, mail ballots postmarked before or on Election Day don’t count if they arrive after the polls close.
In a document filed in US District Court Sunday, USPS said that on a national level, they moved fewer ballots on time on Saturday than on Friday and their processing score dropping from 93% to 91%. Scores have been steadily declining since Wednesday, when USPS reported they moved 97% of ballots on time.
More critical battlegrounds states are now experiencing a drop in scores — below 90% — and those already below that, did not improve substantially and some dropped even lower.

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