USPS recognized for climate efforts

The Postal Service has joined the ranks of national leaders in addressing climate change.

The organization has achieved platinum status through the nonprofit Climate Registry, the largest group in North America that tracks greenhouse gas emissions.

USPS earned this recognition by publicly reporting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for its operations. This data, which was verified by an independent, third-party organization, will allow the Postal Service to credibly track its climate initiatives and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

“The Postal Service is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Beiro-Réveillé. “We continually work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable business practices. We appreciate this recognition from the Climate Registry.”

Amy Holm, the Climate Registry’s executive director, said USPS joins other organizations that “are the leaders in a growing movement to address climate change by managing and reducing emissions at the subnational level. … This kind of leadership is needed now more than ever.”

The Sustainability Blue page has more information about the Postal Service’s environmental efforts, including the Annual Sustainability Report, energy initiatives and recycling operation.


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But it’s balanced out with all the LLV fires.

I’ve been working hard to reduce outhouse emissions.

Not until the USPS gets those 30 year old LLV firetraps off the road will they be considered responsible stewards of the environment…this recognition is laughable.

Paper kills trees

When in Earths history has the climate not changed.The post office or man has nothing to do with it.

???? IDLING AT EVERY MAILBOX..Rural Carriers are practically forced to carry DPS to the street. IDLING AT EVERY MAILBOX. Picking up dps…going through it…put remainder back down…fingering through flats. Picking up raw mail, going through it, put remainder back down. MILLIONS in wasted fuel idling and polluting when many rural carriers would be very happy to put all their mail in to ONE bundle in the office and have the ability to deliver FASTER and more SAFELY with less distraction. Was Post office recognized for efforts to harm the climate by satisfying misguided pencil pushers?