USPS preps for coronavirus with updated pandemic flu plan

Citing the safety and wellbeing of its employees amid the coronavirus threat, the Postal Service has released its 2020 Pandemic Influenza Plan, which sets “a baseline of Postal Service policies and procedures for preparedness, response and recovery from any infectious disease outbreak.”

USPS Chief Human Resources Officer Isaac Cronkhite, in a memo to employees sent last Friday, said some of the guidance isn’t specific to the COVID-19 outbreak, but added that the policies and procedures are “generally applicable to a potential COVID-19 pandemic, pursuant to the current advice provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

“Headquarters will issue additional detailed guidance on continuity of operations and human resources considerations during a pandemic as necessary and relaying further information provided by the CDC as it develops,” Cronkhite wrote in the memo.

In addition to the Pandemic Influenza Plan, USPS has also released interim measures more specific to COVID-19, the name of the illness caused by the current strain of the coronavirus.

In communities without a confirmed COVID-19 case, USPS urges postal employees to stay home if they’re sick or have coronavirus symptoms, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath.

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Ya, I really believe this one.

Oh ya, we have been told to stay home and the virus situation has throughly been explained to us….. Not.