USPS predicts peak season package volume will be lower than last year

The U.S. Postal Service is preparing for a bump in the number of packages it handles over the winter peak shopping season, but predicts that surge will be slightly lower than recent years’ totals.

USPS says its busiest season begins to ramp up beginning Dec. 9, then hits its maximum peak two weeks before Christmas, thanks to a spike in last-minute shopping. That annual surge will send a burst of more than 28 million packages per day through the carrier’s network between Dec. 16 and Dec. 21, and then settle down to about 20.5 million packages per day through the remainder of the year, the agency said today.

In all, USPS plans to deliver a projected 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That number is down from the service’s estimate of more than 900 million packages delivered between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day in 2018 and its forecast of 850 million packages it handled over that period in 2017.


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The number is down only because the “season is 6 days shorter. Guarantee I will deliver more pkgs per day than last year!

Well, the package decline was bound to happen as Amazon has hired their own delivery people and upgraded their fleet of delivery trucks while the Postal Service struggled with logistics ( packages arriving very late for dispatch with mail delivery), unreliable LLVs, and unreliable service.