USPS postal police say they are sidelined during time of heightened crime

CHICAGO (WLS) — The union for postal police said they were once 2,700 members strong. Now, there are about 400 officers who say they are banned from patrolling streets, and relegated to protecting only postal facilities.

Chicago’s Postal Inspector in Charge said the mission of the postal police remains the same: protect employees, customers and property.

“In any situation where someone takes something from you, you feel violated,” retired mail carrier Alvin Charleston said.

He recalled being robbed of his mail keys on his Chicago route.

“As he approached me he said give me your keys, and that’s when he showed me the weapon he had,” he said.

“So those keys. They’re called arrow keys, and they open up all blue collection boxes, all apartment panels, cluster boxes in a given zip code,” said Frank Albergo, president of the Postal Police Officers Association.


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Ok, lets get this straight, the USPS Postal Police were formed to be a security force and were later given police powers on Postal Property. The Postal Police are not an investigative force and are not trained to be such. The U.S.P.I.S. (US Postal Inspection Service) has Postal Inspector who are highly trained criminal investigators (series 1811), all must have a college degrees. Postal Inspectors investigate all postal crimes/violent crimes against USPS. The USPS also has Special Agents with the USPS OIG that investigate Internal crimes/Fraud, Waist, Abuse. The US Postal Police are trying to worm their way into doing… Read more »

Max Steele, you should get an award for “Strawman Argument of the Year.” Enhanced retirement benefit legislation is, by FAR, well down the list of legislations the PPOA is promoting. But nice try. Get your facts straight.