USPS Overtime Up 35% Since 2014

There are national concerns about the United States Postal Service delivering mail on time due to budget cutbacks.

Looking at the agency’s overtime costs, it’s easier to understand why budgets may need to be tightened up.

Late last month the USPS Inspector General reported overtime has gone up 35% over the past six fiscal years, from $3.7 billion to $5 billion.  This has come at a time when package volume was up, mail volume was down, and there was increased staffing.

The inspector general gave multiple examples in its report. For instance, in 2018, a mail handler in the Northeast area earned more than $200,000 in total pay, $141,000 of it overtime, more than three times that employee’s base salary.

The report recommended hiring more staff when it’s more cost-efficient than overtime, and having better oversight of overtime.

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Great analysis OIG. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out less people and triple the mail volume, in parcels, and what do you have… Overtime.

I think there is a second factor, real time uploading of information from a scanner. Back before bar codes we always brought mail back to avoid penalty overtime. While a few folks might wonder if their package might come the next day they never got an its out for delivery text and then no delivery in the past. It was at that point where the flip began to switch and any cost, in overtime and penalty overtime was accepted to show a scanner event.

raise prices on amazon and the piles of shit ups fedx drop off so you can make it profitable..idiots !

It’s up way more than that I guarantee that!