USPS OIG – Operational Changes to Mail Delivery by PMG DeJoy


This report responds to an August 7, 2020, congressional request regarding concerns that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s modifications to U.S. Postal Service staffing and policies had an adverse effect on Postal Service operations, leading to slower and less reliable mail delivery. This report also responds to a number of recent similar congressional requests. We are issuing a separate report to the Postmaster General which details these issues with recommendations for corrective action.

Our objective was to address specific concerns related to Postal Service changes put in place after the Postmaster General was sworn in on June 15, 2020, and their effect on operations; whether the changes comply with internal policies and legal requirements and sufficient notice was provided to Congress and customers; and whether the Postmaster General complied with ethical requirements.

The Postal Service is required to fulfill its universal service obligation and meet other statutory obligations in a self-sufficient manner by covering its costs through revenue generated from the sale of its products and services. Since 2007, the Postal Service has experienced sizeable financial losses, resulting from a combination of legislative and economic factors, as well as the shift in consumer and business behavior toward digital correspondence, transactions, and advertising. In its 2020 Integrated Financial Plan, the Postal Service projected a net loss of $7.6 billion for fiscal year (FY) 2020.

Unexpected at the time of these projections was the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease outbreak. The effects of this pandemic are still being felt across the country and its impact on the Postal Service continues to be significant. While the Postal Service experienced a sizeable increase in package volume in the initial months following the emergency declaration, letter and flat mail volume has declined by up to 20 percent since the pandemic began in March 2020.

As we have noted in a series of reports, the Postal Service has struggled in recent years to meet mail service performance standards, which it measures based on mail speed and reliability. In FY 2019, it met annual performance targets for only seven of 22 mail products (32 percent). Our recent reports have also noted that the Postal Service has numerous opportunities for greater efficiencies and cost savings.

On May 6, 2020, the Postal Service’s Board of Governors announced its selection of Louis DeJoy to serve as the 75th Postmaster General. In his remarks at an August 7, 2020, Board of Governors meeting, Mr. DeJoy announced implementation of an organizational realignment and noted that the Postal Service’s financial position was dire, stemming from substantial declines in mail volume, a broken business model, and a management strategy that has not adequately addressed these issues. Given the current situation, he noted it was critical that the Postal Service review operations and make necessary adjustments.


In June and July 2020, Postal Service operations executives initiated various significant cost reduction strategies on top of three initiatives the Postmaster General launched to achieve financial targets. No analysis of the service impacts of these various changes was conducted and documentation and guidance to the field for these strategies was very limited and almost exclusively oral. The resulting confusion and inconsistency in operations at postal facilities compounded the significant negative service impacts across the country.

Although the Postal Service followed applicable legal and policy requirements regarding notification of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), these requirements are limited. We also found that documentation of the operational changes provided to Congress and customers was generally accurate but incomplete. Information the OIG reviewed to date indicates that Mr. DeJoy has met the ethics requirements related to disclosure, recusal, and divestment.

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I think Dejoy should be replaced ,mail delivery and I think overall production and effiency has been at it’s worst since he took over

I agree noticibly erratic, understaffed, and unreliable
Due to break-in our neighborhood boxes have been left unrepaired for going on3 weeks due to understaffing! Two times in one week a substitute carrier left boxes UNLOCKED !
Our regular carrier was out due to limitations on paid over- time. These things have never happened before

De Joy was and is Trumps puppet. Trump put De Joy in office to interfere with Mail in Voting. De Joy should be fired and charged.

DeJoy was as a big Trump and RNC donor and was hired based on that fact alone. He is only the 4th pmg in the history without postal experience. He was hired knowing he has conflicting interests. His job is to undermine the USPS so they can push further towards privatization. He needs to go.

Trumpeteers r complicit n the obvious corruption of the Trumpet’s administration whether they r encouraging or actively committing these acts. I consider all Trumpeteers guilty of treason by simply supporting the dismantling of our democracy. Ignorance is NOT a defense! Listening to Rachel Maddow today I learned the Trumpet withdrew millions after his election & deposited it into Chinese bank to then turn around & withdraw most of it for his personal use. How easily & greedily he evades taxes! He said he was so rich he would find his campaign yet look at all the contributions he’s accepting. He… Read more »

Your problem is listening to Rachel Maddow. Don’t believe everything you hear.

And CNN and it’s obvious she has not used her own brain to do some research on Biden and his failed policies and are there any accomplishments in the last 47 years of government!?! I will list a few: Crime bill in 1994 under Clinton’s administration because “come on man” he didn’t want his kids to be around monkeys (negros) because “they were primal” and the postal service has a large percentage of minorities employed. That us not a race thing, TRUTH! If it would not be for President Trump “Prison Reform” would still be something just thought about and… Read more »

trump SUCKS big time

Racist, zenophobe Trump is tearing our country apart. Tearing down the Post Office is part of his plan to turn the U.S.A. into an autocratic government so he can be the dictator like his buddy Putin. With that in mind, if that were to happen, most of you rights are gone and you have very little to say what goes on with the government. I just am shocked at how white supremacy is making a strong rising because that’s a big part of Trumps base along with all the Evangelical bigots. Vote Biden to save the country from these Idiots

Are you sure your talking about the right person. If Biden wins just open your wallet while he puts his hands in it. I work to hard to want more of my money in Biden’s hands. Heck he wants his own sons wallet.

Yeah right! The PO was already all jacked up before DeJoy. Nepotism, cronyism, unions and horribly unskilled, top heavy management are just a few reasons why the USPS is in the position they are in. That doesn’t even cover congresses mandate, which btw isn’t the primary reason. Even removing the mandate will not solve it. We all know the PO is the congressional cash cow, or it was, after they bled SS. Now the PO is strapped so where does the money come from now? The PO has been a dumpster fire for a long time. Funny how everyone want… Read more »

USPS has been falling apart for a lot of years. keep it the way it is and you won’t have a job in another year or so. At least DeJoy is making changes until all these snowflakes start wining.


Last edited 2 years ago by Meisa Schwartz

What the guy just got in it takes years to change things. A bunch of lieing people employees and media.

As, DeJoy, was appointed to act as PMG 06/15/20, the local post office in Armada, MI began making unlawful demands requesting that a new neighbor’s property with extensive tree growth be trimmed. Thinking it was my property, they threatened me by demanding that I move my mailbox 20′ south next to the curving highway with speeding traffic at 60 MPH. I am not liable for another property’s blight. So, to resolve the matter, I contacted the Macomb County Rd Commission to cut back the overgrowth 06/29/20 which will correct any obstructive view issues near my driveway & mailbox. My delivery… Read more »

Another wealthy and incompetent donor given an important position that will be paid for by the public..joining the ranks of Betsy DeVos and her wealthy husband.Vote this man out before something else happens.None of us matter to him..

I think that all politicians are crooks

I think I’m gonna troll just to see if people will blame Obama and or Bush….you’d think they were still President..