USPS OIG: How We Organize Our Work

You may have noticed that most of our blogs are based on our recent audit reports, which lets us highlight some of our work and solicit feedback from readers. Stakeholder input often provides ideas for future reports.

In fact, our ideas for audit work must be balanced between stakeholder requests, projects mandated by law, and discretionary work. Projects mandated by law include last week’s blog on the U.S. Postal Service’s inventory of unused space.

Congressional requests are another source of work. A member of Congress asks us to conduct an audit on an operation, procedure, or facility. Finally, we initiate audits that align with our risk assessment process and overall USPS management challenges.

Our white papers explore strategic ideas for ways to enhance the viability and efficiency of the Postal Service.

Our investigative work follows the crimes, of course, but we still try to organize our work around a handful of major areas: mail theft, financial fraud, contract fraud, health care fraud, and narcotics.

Data analytics play an important role in helping us investigate postal fraud and theft, but sometimes it all starts with a tip. We take tips about fraud, waste, and misconduct by USPS employees and contractors via our hotline, which is as simple as completing an online form. In fact, that’s the most direct way to contact us if you see a postal crime being committed, or a potential misuse of postal equipment, or a violation of rules by a postal employee or contractor. Just go to and click on the red “Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse” hotline box on the homepage.

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I’m a former 17 year CDS Supplier who did file a FW&A complaint. Reprisal was taken against me. My contract was not renewed due to “outbursts” during the previous year. These outbursts were never official documented, nor was I ever told what the outburst were. I was told of one. Someone made a statement, a year after the fact, that I punched my car window and broke it. I easily disproved this lie. But the others, I have no clue what they were. I do have an open OIG reprisal complaint. However, I would tell future snitches be careful about… Read more »