USPS OIG: Digging Deeper on Mail Mix Study

We know that having a variety of mail in the mailbox boosts ad mail’s effectiveness. And our recent research on the mail mix showed that.

But we don’t necessarily know why. That was one of the many questions raised and discussed by a panel of experts and about 50 attendees at our recent forum on the study, Advertising Mail: Mail Mix Matters.

As a previous blog explained, our research indicated that the presence of a non-advertising mailpiece in the mailbox enhances the likelihood that a person will read, positively react to, and respond to a piece of advertising mail. Both Periodicals (such as a magazine) and First-Class Mail proved effective in driving those outcomes, with bills and statements (transactions) being a more important driver than personal letters and business correspondence.

Attendees had some theories on why. One thought is that transactional mail, which is often a bill, must be acted on. Thus, the recipient carries that attention and “action mode” over to the advertising mail in the pile.

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