USPS OIG Audit Ask: How Well Does the Postal Service Recruit and Retain First-Line Supervisors?

First-line supervisors play a critical role in any organization and influence productivity, quality, and employee engagement. At the U.S. Postal Service, they significantly contribute to accomplishing USPS goals, including ensuring customers receive quality service and mail and parcels on time.

Our audit focuses on first-line supervisors at retail and mail processing facilities. For the purposes of our work, we define a first-line supervisor as the first layer of management directly above the craft employee. These include supervisors of customer service, distribution operations, maintenance operations, and transportation operations. Our objective is to assess whether the Postal Service is effectively hiring and retaining first-line supervisors.

  • How well does the Postal Service hire and retain first-line supervisors?
  • What are reasons employees pursue first-line supervisor positions?
  • What are challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified first-line supervisors?
  • What opportunities exist to strengthen management’s ability to attract and retain skilled first-line supervisors?

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I’ve often wondered how some of these supervisors get their jobs. My USPS company car was a Ford Taurus. One day, when I was sitting at a stoplight, the engine started rapidly accelerating on its own. A pedestrian crossing the street was giving me dirty looks because he thought I was accelerating the engine at him. When I turned the engine off and restarted the car, the engine revved normally. I took the car to the VMF and told the manager about the sudden acceleration problem and she said that some other Tauruses were having the same problem. I asked… Read more »

You screw up, you move up…and you wonder why moral is in the hopper.

The PM at the Watkins ofc was fired from the Windsor ofc. Just keep moving the idiots around & don’t get rid them…..
Employees at the Watkins ofc all quit but one because of him.
Hes never there. Always “helping out” other offices for Comp time. Always out driving bus for Arrow.
You don’t train supervisors to be supervisors, you train them on the mechanics of running the ofc. This PM in Watkins needs fired. He calls the locals “Dumb Hicks”. The locals hate him.

When you screw up or don’t know squat they promote you to supervisors.

Screw up and you get promoted.

For what they pay these supervisors, they should require a bachelor’s degree or better.