USPS Official: Mail-In Ballot Surge Will Not Impact Service

The U.S. Postal Service is prepared to handle an unprecedented influx of absentee ballots this November and any reports of the agency being overwhelmed or incapable are false, a senior postal elections official said Thursday at an event sponsored by Ohio’s elections chief.

Justin Glass, director of the postal service’s election mail operations, spoke with Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and other state election officials about how the agency is preparing for the upcoming election.

The virtual meeting comes as USPS faces scrutiny nationwide over slow service amid the coronavirus pandemic. The issue reached a boiling point Monday when President Donald Trump said that he doesn’t believe the postal service is equipped to deal with the volume of mail that will come as a result of mail-in voting.


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No delays my ass. 8 days from Dallas, TX to Austin, TX. Tracking showing items not leaving for 4 days from a hub.

While the ballot along with other county and state official election mail is just another piece in the DPS we have no ideal when COVID quarantines will ease to the point that there is actually a carrier for each address and entire routes will not be skipped in order to carry that extra piece or two per voter,