USPS official explains consolidation process

United States Postal Service strategic communications specialist Susan W. Wright said this change will result in the transfer of sorting and processing equipment.

“Moving, removing, and repurposing mail processing equipment and operations or ‘operational mail moves’ is an ongoing Postal Service strategy dating back decades that allows for more efficient, timely delivery of mail and packages,” she told The Sun. “Procuring the proper package processing equipment and facilities now will help to meet the evolving mailing and shipping needs of the American public and business customers ahead of the 2021 holiday season and beyond.”

The main reason for this nationwide strategy shift on the Postal Service’s part is the increased demand on the system for sending and receiving packages over letters. These 18 facilities, including Paducah, could be reconfigured to help the USPS deal with that workload.

“Letter mail is declining, and package volumes are increasing. It makes good business sense to realign the mail processing operations from multiple facilities into one facility and provide expanded package sorting capabilities,” Wright said Thursday. “By centralizing these operations, the Postal Service improves efficiency and service reliability for its customers.

“The Paducah location is one of 18 facilities we will look to repurpose for package processing, given the increase in package volume.”


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