USPS Non-Standard Fees to begin April 3rd, 2022

Beginning on April 3, 2022, USPS will impose surcharges known as “non-standard fees” on certain shipments. Imposing surcharges is a common practice for other shipping carriers, and additional fees are to be expected whenever you ship with UPS in particular. However, since USPS has never imposed these sorts of surcharges on packages before, many shippers might be in for a rude awakening.

The non-standard service fees are surcharges that apply to shipments when the dimensions are greater than certain lengths. In essence, USPS is charging these fees for larger packages that take up more space on their trucks. The more space a package takes up, the less opportunities USPS has to transport other packages in the same truck, earn more revenue, and operate more efficiently.


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The USPS is like the boy asking THE GIVING TREE for more! Get your act together, USPS! Earn your money fair and square! Quit asking for handouts! Get rid of the lazy employees and management! No business would survive operating using the postal model! Get it together, dipshits!

Soooo… other carriers have been doing this forever? And now that the USPS is doing it…. It is NOT “fair and square”….

Amazon will be exempt from these new surcharges. We had to raise rates even after receiving another taxpayer bailout in order to continue the subsidies given to Amazon.