USPS needs electric vehicles—but they don’t need to be electric cars

So, how can we make this happen?

There is just one clear piece missing from the conversation so far, and that is a focus on light electric vehicles (LEVs). LEVs are electrified two- and three-wheel vehicles. As Mike Granoff, managing partner at Maniv Mobility, a leading early stage automotive sector VC, has said: “Electrification is about more than cars.”

The barrier to USPS’s electrification is, apparently, a lack of funding. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy described the charging stations and infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles as being too expensive for the current USPS budget. What this perspective fails to recognize is that LEVs are far cheaper than electric cars and trucks. Even beyond the fact that LEVs don’t require charging stations and additional infrastructure, purchasing an e-bike costs less than one-third of the cost of a truck. And that doesn’t even account for the lifetime cost savings associated with truck ownership, including gas, insurance, parts, and so on.

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How are you going to deliver an overburdened route with Amazon parcels with a bicycle?