USPS National Dog Bite Awareness Week, June 12–18, 2021

Sponsored by the United States Postal Service®, National Dog Bite Awareness Week is a public service campaign that offers safety tips and emphasizes the need for increased owner responsibility in the prevention of dog attacks.

From nips and bites to vicious attacks, aggressive dog behavior poses a serious threat to our employees. To emphasize the enormity of this issue, the Postal Service™ is reporting the number of dog attacks and bites together as the most prominent threat to carriers. Last year, over 5,800 Postal Service employees were victimized by dogs.

The tools available in this kit and online will help promote the awareness of this public health concern in an effort to reduce the number of adverse interactions with our letter carriers in local communities. Be sure to contact the field communications professionals listed in this kit when promoting this initiative.


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Dog bites wouldn’t be a problem if the Post Office would join the 21st century and require curbside mailboxes.