USPS must deliver transparency to American public

Americans may not agree on much these days, but we do stand united in one thing: distrusting the federal government.

In fact, a mere 20% of the American public trusts the federal government, with a sizable majority understandably frustrated at how Washington, D.C., serves (or fails to serve) the 50 states.

One critical issue undermining trust in the federal government is the disturbing lack of transparency from federal agencies that consistently spend far beyond their means and fail to deliver for the American people.

The United States Postal Service in particular routinely hides information from taxpayers and consumers and denies Freedom of Information Act requests at an alarming rate. Unless agencies such as the USPS open their books and pursue transparency, Americans will continue to second-guess their bloated and unaccountable government.

It’s no secret that the USPS loves keeping secrets. The agency is notoriously tight-lipped about its dealings with private companies and how it prices its products.

Unfortunately, this secrecy pervades more serious issue areas such as the USPS’ effort to prevent opioids from coming into the U.S. Current law requires the agency to provide Advance Electronic Data to all packages coming in from overseas.


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