USPS moves post office in small North Idaho city to a van

DEARY, Idaho — Deary’s temporary post office is unique, to say the least.

The office is able to send and receive mail, consists of a service window, and houses a US Postal Service employee. What sets the facility apart, however, is the fact that it’s located on four wheels.

Since last June, USPS has been conducting operations out of a specialty van parked in the Latah County city of roughly 500 people. The move was prompted after the agency determined that the building that housed the former post office was no longer suitable.

USPS spokesman Ernie Swanson confirmed that the former USPS facility, located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Main Street in Deary, was in need of significant maintenance. The apparently old brick building now sits vacant.

Called a mobile retail van, the temporary office is still able to send and receive mail and parcels. Customers are still able to pick up stamps and conduct other business at the site as well.


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