USPS marked thousands of packages as delivered while they sat at the post office

Between May and September post office employees at the Avent Ferry Station in Raleigh, which is under the Greensboro district manager, marked more than 41,000 pieces of mail as delivered even though the packages were still at the station.

Auditors recommended the manager of the Greensboro district give refresher training on package scanning procedures writing: “When employees do not scan mail pieces correctly, customers are unable to determine the actual status of their packages. By improving scanning operations, management can potentially improve mail visibility, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance the customer experience and the Postal Service brand.”

The auditors also found that sometimes packages were marked as “no access to the delivery point” or “animal interference” with the delivery even though the scans were done miles away from where the package was supposed to be delivered. Because of this audit, postal workers are getting additional training.


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Additional training?!? – what a joke – I guarantee the employees were instructed by management to falsify those scans so that they (mgt) wouldn’t get their balls busted by upper levels of management – falsifying scans has been SOP since the PO first started handling Amazon packages – carriers in my station would be ordered to scan undelivered packages as ‘arrived and attempted’ at the end of the day, whether they left the station or not – I (the steward) told my carriers to refuse to do it, and cradle their scanners as soon as they hit the ‘return to… Read more »

Not True. The ones who are scanning those packages No Access , dog interference, or insufficient address etc. are management and not the carriers.

They wouldn’t be worried about getting their balls busted, it would be more about not getting their performance bonuses.

The managers in my office routinely scan packages no access to stop the clock on late packages.

As long as the penalty a manager faces for not being able to deliver something according to a time goal, which is easily done, is the same as being caught falsifying a scan which is not as easily done, the stop the clock scans will continue. No matter how many extra screens the faker has to work through.

Sounds like promotions & bonuses ahead!

I guarantee that Post Office accepted EDDM and other superfluous 3rd bundles at that station. The handful of people that showed up, could have delivered more of the routes, if they were not swamped with 3rd class garbage.