USPS Mandatory Stand-Up Talk: Postmarking Election Ballots

As we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks regarding the extraordinary measures, there are circumstances where retail and delivery units will be handling ballots without sending them to a mail processing facility. In those situations, it is critical that the ballots receive a postmark, regardless of the postage payment method.

Consistent with Postal Service policy, every election ballot that is not sent to a processing facility must be postmarked or cancelled at the Post Office or local delivery unit, regardless of the postage payment method or indicia on the mailpieces. This includes any ballots that are stamped, metered, permitted, Business Reply Mail, Qualified Business Reply Mail, Courtesy Reply Mail, Postage Validation Imprinter (PVI) labeled postage, Self-Service Kiosk (SSK) labeled postage, and any other method of paying postage. Even short paid ballots and ballots without postage must be postmarked (postage collection will happen later).

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