USPS managers deleted or changed logged hours, intimidated workers, arbitrator found

The U.S. Postal Service has been ordered to pay damages to San Jose workers and train management staff after an independent review of timecards showed “broad evidence of a pattern of deletion or alteration” of employees’ timecards, according to arbitration documents provided to this news organization.

Starting in 2014 and through at least 2017, postal workers were told that they had to finish routes within their allotted eight-hour shifts or receive discipline from management, alleged the workers’ union, the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Carriers frequently skipped meals and breaks to make time, and in some cases, ran to finish their routes.

Even so, supervisors across San Jose’s 12 stations regularly changed workers’ timecards when workers couldn’t make it back in time, the arbitrator found. Workers not only lost wages — by the union’s estimation, nearly 6,000 hours over the years — but struggled with constant pressure and low morale.

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This happens all over. I know I’ve been victim.

I have too as a Rural Carrier. When you hear anything that has happened to correct these situations it’s because the National Association Of Letter Carriers (NALC)did something about it.
If you held your breath waiting for the National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA) you would die first. They have the worst union representation of all the Postal Unions. NRLCA is a JOKE!

Great scanners … how about spending money to attract and maintain carriers or vehicles that run….. newsflash we need people and vehicles to deliver mail.

From what I have seen in my postal career this is done in a lot of offices.And continues.

Let me guess, not one manager caught falsifying time cards will be disciplined. I’ll bet most will be promoted.

As the old saying goes….you screw up, you move up… great system to have that promotes trust and confidence in management.

You are correct Clayton

Total scumbags! Should go to jail, period

havent Met someone in post office this doesn’t happen to except the altering clock bit.