USPS managers accused of doctoring time cards

Letter carriers from a local United States Postal Office branch are furious after it was discovered managers were falsifying time cards to make it look like the employees worked fewer hours.

According to the carriers union president, David Grosskopf Jr, the National Association of Letter Carriers investigated after the complaint was brought forward, and found time cards of multiple carriers had been altered out of the Central Park station.

Grosskopf Jr. told 7 Eyewitness News that over the past year and a half, 125 hours were removed from letter carrier time cards. That amounts to $6,249.

It’s unclear whether the managers who falsified the time cards will face disciplinary action.

A spokeswoman for U.S.P.S. would not comment on the matter.

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And I thought it only happened in our office…

Ohhhh nooooo I know it’s happening where I am

Happens in every office every day!!

It has happened to me continuously all year long this year. The NRLCA is doing nothing about it but the NALC are. Get off your ass NRLCA.

“It’s unclear whether the managers who falsified the time cards will face disciplinary action.” I LOVE this line. Short of committing some kind of heinous felony, management CTA’s at the PO even better than the military.

They should be fired and charged with a crime.
It’s a violation of the law to falsify employees time cards

This stuff usually happens in offices where so many of the employees are not active in the unions or for that matter even join a Postal union. Workplaces are just like politics…., we get what we allow to happen or are willing do care enough or are TOO lazy to do anything about it. As a retired union rep. this stuff goes on because no employees have the energy or the interest to stop it.

B.S. R.P. – These kinds of things are brought up all the time at Union meetings. The only reason people have lost faith in the Union, is because they are so lackadaisical in their pursuit to get things done in a timely manner. The loss in wages continues from not having mail counts (which in itself is asinine) since adopting Amazon into the fold. There are quite a few workers literally working for free, with absolutely no compensation for the package delivery. That has been grieved several times, by entire offices, yet nothing still has been done… after 3 years!… Read more »

You are absolutely correct.

Good point but don’t look for the NRLCA to step in. The ones running this union should be voted out and start with a clean slate.

My supervisor just did this to me. Who do I contact to file a complaint?? I’m a clerk.

start with your union rep. file grievance now !

That’s theft and they should be prosecuted accordingly!!

I’m not sure but, When you got guys like Fred Homenuk (Cleveland)doing nothing but harassing daily, via teleconferences and emails, so he can justify his six figure a year job in OPS. I can see why the local management feels pressured to make the numbers match his unrealistic expectations. You should hear how he talks to them. We can only hope he is on the list being investigated and hopefully removed!