USPS mail trucks with packages stolen from West Seattle

Three United States Postal Service mail trucks have been stolen this month in West Seattle.

U.S. Postal Inspector John Wiegand said the thefts happened in West Seattle, with two vehicle thefts happening this week, Tuesday afternoon on Beach Drive and another at 57th and Charleston, according to Wiegand.

Wiegand said all of the trucks were found, but that mail and packages had been taken. Both mail carriers were not in their vehicles when they were stolen.

He told KOMO on Thursday that they are working to learn what specific items were stolen and to notify the recipients, adding that right now authorities are following up on leads and looking into any additional surveillance video.

Wiegand said those who think they have been affected by the thefts should go to USPIS.GOV and make a report, or call their 24-hour line at 1-877-876-2455

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