USPS looks to reduce letter carriers’ casing equipment

This morning, the Postal Service sent NALC a copy of a stand-up talk for city letter carriers intended to explain the goals of its latest unilateral delivery initiative. It is called Post Office Sortation Equipment Reconciliation (SER).

In the stand-up talk, USPS states “From a city delivery perspective, our goal is to convert as many city routes as possible to one, six shelf, evenly spaced 124 and provide efficient and effective customer service.”  A 124 is the main letter carrier case with the shelf where we place our mail as we sort it. USPS also states, “In order to do so, it is essential that we seek your valuable input as carriers, to finalize the cell size changes. This is vital because, as the expert on the route, you can readily identify addresses that may require additional or less sortation space. In order to complete this as planned, we will be starting carrier consultations soon regarding these changes to our carrier sortation equipment by obtaining your input.” At the end of the stand-up talk, we are reminded of the importance of “vigorously focusing on the efficiency of our operations”.

If supervisors or managers do not consult with and obtain your input prior to implementing this initiative, or if they ignore the valuable input you provide, you should inform an NALC branch representative.

Handbook M-39, Management of Delivery Services and Handbook M-41, City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities both contain provisions regarding case cells or separations, as well as casing equipment.

If changes to case configurations are implemented that violate those handbooks, then a grievance should be filed citing a violation of the appropriate provisions. If needed, NALC branch representatives should contact their NALC national business agent for guidance.

We have requested additional information from the Postal Service and once we receive that information we will be providing the NBAs with more detail regarding this initiative.


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I had a 6 shelve flat case on my first route there being so many delvery points a case and a half for and a case and a half plus a wing for flats for vertical casing.. The valuable input of this carrier, it don’t work

“it is essential we seek your valuable input as carriers”
OK…….This is one of the top dumbest things ever written by senior management…..#1 It will not work….Think of a company which owns oil tankers. They tell the Captains that they are going to reduce the size of the tankers so they can go faster but they will still ship the same product and will not increase the number of runs.. … Duh…..#2 Seek input?…..Now that is bullsugar with a capital B…

What’s next, reduce the size of delivery vehicles to a bike and red wagon? Get rid of the management parasites!

Taking away casing equipment is one of the dumbest things they have ever come up with!
WHY? It is counter productive, making our job harder and take longer. Pure harassment by management!

Former Postmaster retired
You still have idiots in upper management.
They are the best group the competitors can buy. Now you have visible axmen at the top with Baffle talk plans to disguise actions to destroy the Post Office and prevent voting by mail. This is to the benefit of Trump who is scared.
Thank you Postal Workers and Inspectors for your service. Prevail over this Treason.

I think that downsizing our cases again is crazy! All the postal system is asking for is more compensation claims. Its hard on the hands craming mail in & trying to pull it back out. I see no reasoning behind this when we have plenty of room in the office. Im already tubbing businesses on the floor & I’ll be adding more come election as I carry the board of elections for Columbiana city. Debating on retirement before that happens.

Piece of cake!