USPS looks to monetize its mapping data

The U.S. Postal Service wants to use its thousands of mail delivery vehicles that traverse the country every day to collect geospatial data it could provide to other agencies on an as-a-service basis.

Lauren Lee, the Postal Service’s director of digital business services, said USPS is looking to leverage its vast mail delivery infrastructure for additional revenue streams. Geospatial address location data currently collected by its more than 220,000 mail vehicles is a significant part of that infrastructure, and a valuable resource that other agencies could use.

“We know a lot about mapping,” Lee said in an Oct. 22 presentation hosted by the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services. “We pick up data from the carriers as they’re traversing their routes in one-second breadcrumbs or geocode of locations. … Sometimes our carriers are in areas before mapping companies even know there are roads there.”

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