USPS letter carrier has 5,000 hours of sick leave

John Vick is an employee you can count on.

Co-workers sometimes joke that the letter carrier is practically “part of the fixtures” at Brevoort Station in Brooklyn, NY.

Even his wife gets in on the act.

“My wife always teases me that I’m married to the Post Office,” Vick, who delivers packages, said with a laugh.

The reason for the teasing is Vick rarely calls out sick. In fact, the 51-year postal employee has more than 5,000 hours — or about two-and-a-half-years’ worth — of accumulated sick leave.

“I don’t stay home just because I feel a little off. Unless it’s a crisis, I still come in, keep moving and thank God I have good health,” he said.

Vick’s dedication to the Postal Service is almost legendary.

For instance, his house in Far Rockaway was flooded when Hurricane Sandy battered New York in 2012.

“I could have taken off a couple of weeks, but I still came in,” he said.

Customer Services Supervisor Marvalee Frasier said Vick has proven himself to be a reliable employee during the six months she has worked with him.

“He’s very dedicated and very hard working. He takes very good care of his customers. He loves what he does. He’s phenomenal,” she said.

Vick said he’s motivated by a strong work ethic and the customers who rely on him.

“When I bring a package to someone, it’s rewarding to make them happy,” he said. “So I always try to go the extra mile.”


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Packages do make me happy. Good Job Vick and if u want to donate some of those hours to me I’d be happy to take them off your hands ???? my son used up all of mine lol

Give the man a pay raise

Smh you giving them your all and they dont care about you smh. Wake up. You cant even take all those hours when you retire…he is losing big time smh

He can retire and still receive a full paycheck for 2 years

With Civil Service pensions, which cap off at 41 years 11 months plus any sick leave. Any funds that are paid to the pension fund after the 41-11 are repaid to the retiree in full.

Do something good with your excess leave especially since you can’t use it when you retire. Look for that employee that REALLY needs assistance. Do your research and then contribute.

You can’t donate sick leave hours to other people, only annual leave. Having SL on the books is an excellent insurance policy, it’s nice to know you will still get a full paycheck when an unexpected injury or illness strikes. And the hours add to your years of service when you retire, increasing your monthly benefit.

That is awesome!

Most Unions pay out when you get so much hours. Start using your sick leave for more time with your family & friends. What do you want on your headstone ? He never used his sick leave, not he’s resting !!

dude they dont give a s… about you,miss a scan and see what happens,get in a fender bender even if your parked and its you fault


This is BS. A postal worker only gets 104 hours per year towards sick leave. That means he has worked OVER 48 years for the Post Office. I think that would be a difficult task for a guy who is only 51.

Sick Leave is earned at a rate of 4 hours per pay period, 208 hours per year. If he started at the PO at the age of 25 and seldom had to use SL, he would have more than 5,000 at age 51.

Laura there are only 26 pay periods. It’s not 4×52 weeks. ????????‍♂️

Laura, so, you obviously don’t work for the Post Office. Only 26 pay periods per year for postal employees; 26 X 4 hours = 104 per year. I stand by my statement.

Laura, Well, it seems he may well have over 5000 hours of sick leave. I thought the article said he was 51 years old, not a 51 year employee. But postal worker earn 104 hours per year; not 204.

26 pay periods times 4 hours per pay is 104 hours per year. He has worked 51 years.

He’s not 51 years old. He’s worked for the postal service for 51 years.

Whoops! You are right! I thought he looked a bit weathered to be only 51; but then the Post Office can do that to you. If I knew how to delete my post, I would.

Idiot he worked 51 years

My bad, thought it said 51 years old. Does not mean I am an idiot however; It just means I was not paying attention. And I can admit my mistakes. I thought he looked a bit beat up for only 51 years old.

He’s a 51 year Postal employee! It didn’t say he was 51 years old!!

My bad. Props to the guy. I thought it said he was only 51 years old.

I’m sure it increases every year plus vacation hour overage transfers into sick. I’m a state worker and have 3000 hours of sick saved over 25 years.

I made a mistake. I thought he was only 51 years old but he has actually been at work for 51 years. In the postal service, the vacation vs sick leave is 100% separate and do not combine ever. Postal workers get 104 hours per year for sick leave and it does roll over.

51 yrs of service….he’s much older than 51,

Yeah, my bad. Reading comprehension issues! It is hell getting old.

My thoughts exactly.

51 year employee, not 51 years old.

Paul, I thought he was 51 years old as well. I told my husband this guy is 51 and has 5000 hours of sick leave. My husband said that’s not possible, he must have started when he was 2 (lol). You’re not the only one who misread.

It says he’s a 51 year employee…not that he is 51 years old. I would be using lpl

It doesn’t say he’s 51 years old. It says 51 year employee. My interpretation is that he has been employed with the Post Office 51 years.

51 year postal employee, means he’s worked for the agency for 51 years

many many of his co-workers need sick leave hours why hasn’t he donated some of them .it could be a blessing to many of them

We can’t donate sick leave hours to other employees, just our annual (vacation) leave.

you cant donate SL, only AL. ive got over 1600 hours of SL and its a comforting feeling to know that i can get full pay for about 9 months if something were to happen to me. if i never use it i can retire that much sooner.

That was how my grandfather was he was still working and saving them up but hurricane micheal came in and put him in retirement early due all the destruction on their home

I really believe this story is nothing to be proud of, going home donate the sick leave enjoy life.