USPS letter carrier caught on camera spraying cats with repellent in Cleveland

It happened Tuesday on Dalton Avenue in Cleveland’s Slavic Village neighborhood.

The surveillance footage, shared online, shows a letter carrier approaching a home and spraying repellent toward two cats lounging on the front porch before delivering mail. The video shows the carrier then continuing on and spraying the repellent toward a cat on Andrea Hicks’s porch.

“They weren’t even around him, and he went and took out the pepper spray and was spraying away,” Hicks said.

She said docile stray cats have lived in the area for years and are part of the Cleveland Animal Protective League’s Trap-Neuter-Return Program.

“I’m very upset about it because these stray cats have nobody but us to take care of them,” Hicks said.

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Union will protect the poor carrier from what should happen.. termination and loss of pension.

Your an IDIOT, you don’t like the NALC then donate all your raises and overtime to a charity. Also donate the money you receive from your leave. Must I go on?

This is what the pathetic NALC in Cleveland is best at, lying and cheating

Last edited 2 years ago by Pennis Derk

Way to defend a carrier that should be released by citing pay raises over quality service. Bet you dog the clock to get that OT don’t you? How many people pick up your slack? FYI, I would rather have the postal service survive so I can get a pension than have the NALC get more raises for undeserving carriers that don’t deserve to be protected.

Next time it’s observed anyone hurts an animal you need stand up for it and spray him next time! Have your pepper spray handy! We must protect all living things that can not protect themselves!! Including all unborn babies of all color and species, created by God above. Yes also mammals.

He had no right to do that, the cats were not bothering him, he should be charged with cruelty to animals.

I agree with you 100%

That’s bullshit , were they going to attack ?

A dumbass has he felt threatened

Maybe the carrier had a bad experience with those cats. Cats can be almost as vicious as dogs.

That’s why scanners have an animal interference option. Return the mail if you feel threatened, don’t spray unprovoked.


Nalc is the shiitiest union. I hope trump busts the nalc

I was a carrier for 20 yrs til back problems took me out. In
In that time in never once used my spray , even at aggressive dogs. Just sameful