USPS Launches Insider Threat Program

The Postal Service™ Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) is asking employees and contractors to be on the lookout for potential cases of an insider threat in their workplaces.

Insider threats occur when an individual intentionally or unintentionally misuses their access to an organization’s resources to steal information or disrupt operations. An insider can be anyone with access to an organization — including employees, contractors, or vendors.

Common indicators of an insider threat include the following:

Excessive copying or downloading of sensitive materials.

Unexplained foreign travel.

Changes in personality or wealth.

Unauthorized off-hour work.

Misuse of organization equipment.

Help CISO stop insider threats by staying vigilant of suspicious behaviors in your workplaces. Employees and contractors who observe insider threat activity must notify the CISO Insider Threat Program (InTP) via email at

To learn more about InTP and the different behaviors associated with insider threats, visit Immediately report any physical threats to Postal Service personnel or equipment to the United States Postal Inspection Service® at 877-876-2455; select option 2.


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There is an ongoing threat everyday… it’s called management.