USPS issues guidance for working during civil unrest, pandemic

The Postal Service is reminding employees and contractors that they are exempt from curfew orders and other travel restrictions issued by state and local governments due to recent civil unrest and the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization is working with federal, state and local authorities to ensure the safety of employees and customers as operations continue during these emergencies.

USPS has provided employees and contractors with an “essential service provider letter” to carry as they perform their duties and travel to and from work. The letter explains that postal employees are providing an essential service for the federal government.

The Postal Service is advising employees and contractors to:

• Carry a Postal Service-issued identification badge and the essential service provider letter whenever they travel

• Show the postal ID and letter if stopped by law enforcement officers enforcing travel restrictions

• Explain the nature of their work for the Postal Service and the reason they’re traveling, including whether they’re commuting to or from work or traveling during their workday

Employees and contractors who have not received the essential service provider letter should contact their manager or supervisor.

Employees and contractors should also carry their supervisor’s name, number and email address in case authorities need additional information.

USPS managers and supervisors are delivering a stand-up talk this week to remind employees of the importance of the essential service provider letters.


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typical…..we care about your wellbeing……..but……..

Well at least in my district which did have a carrier robbed 6 miles from the riot while doing Sunday Amazon delivery we are all being pulled back to the station when the county 6PM curfew goes into effect. I don’t know what they are doing next door in Beverly Hills with their 1PM curfew