USPS issues face covering and mask update

The requirement for Postal Service employees to use face coverings or masks continues when social distancing of six (6) feet cannot be maintained, or in public-facing settings when required by state or local orders or directives.

COVID 19 SUT 66 ALL EMPLOYEES Face Coverings And Masks Update


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Why were masks instantly required but now you will not follow CDC recommendations to drop mask requirement? I didn’t know that the USPS had a staff of medical professionals deciding such things…

If you don’t like it, don’t go to the post office. Use a carrier pigeon or pack mule to deliver your mail.

Liberals like you are what is wrong with the US, Gary.

I work there and have to wear one all day long when Federal guidelines say I don’t have to

Hey Gary,

You’re a conforming Jackass that does not question authority. Take your medication Gary,
surrender your right to vote for the latest smart phone, and put on your virtual reality of a nice clean river, so you won’t notice how filthy the real ones are….

Not everyone has been Vaccinated. Protecting those at risk and the USPS employees. It’s not all about you. It’s about all people, especially those at risk.

First of all love the Art Vandelay ref. Second, everyone has had more than enough opportunity to get vaccinated. An extremely scarce few aren’t supposed to get it. Masking isn’t going on forever. Not following CDC guidelines sends an inconsistent, distrustful message about from one government entity to another.

Are masks required by customers in post offices or not?

Yes, when social distancing is not maintained.

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Don’t listen to Gary. He is a coward liberal that doesn’t want to give up the mask control.

No. If you feel like you need to wear a mask then wear it.

The sign on the post office door states that masks are recommended however the postal employees are saying that masks are required. Please clarify the recommendation as the CDC does not recommend masks for people who are vaccinated.

Employees are just talking garbage.

PO facilities Public Mask Policy

Either vaccines work or they don’t. Pick one.
Federal government has lifted mask mandates for all federal buildings yet the Post Offices have not followed the federal guidlines. What special medical staff does the PO have that contradicts Fauci’s recommendations?

We have been out in this pandemic every day without fail. Faced the pandemic head on while much of its dynamics were unknown. yet we still showed up and delivered the mail. How do those who worked from their home computers decide by zoom meetings what the mask policy should be? Every reputable medical authority has recommended the lifting of the mask mandate for vaccinated people. But the Postal Service thinks they know better and forces us, unwillingly, to wear face coverings for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I was told I would be put off duty if I refused to… Read more »

thank you for your service. It’s almost as though these empty-headed suits were just making sh* up as they go along. To vaccinate? To not vaccinate? Build up antibodies? masks work? masks don’t work? The message, sadly, has been politically influenced and no one seems to be settling on any answer. It’s almost as though something that works for one person doesn’t work for another. I think 36 years for Uncle Sam is plenty :). Enjoy your retirement — you earned it!

In Edmond they are not pushing mask. Clerks or carriers. Talk to your union steward and tell them to file a class action grievance. Mask are not part of any dress code in any post office. Tell your union that you want them to stand up against any mandatory vaccination. That should be your choice and not some big wig in a suit decision. Mask are useless we didn’t wear them when the flu was around we didn’t wear them when Sars was around. We shouldn’t have to wear them now. That should also be my choice. If you feel… Read more »

Went to post office twice the other day! In the morning no mask no problem! In the afternoon was told I needed a mask . Didn’t have one, told postal worker in am didn’t need one! He said I should have been told to have one! He gave me one, as I wore it under my nose and threw it out before leaving! By the way, one other person was there while being waited on by another postal worker, and was told NOTHING!! Truly RIDICULOUS!! I will be going to the post office today without a mask!!! Go TRUMP!!!

I am wondering why we are still wearing masks? It makes no sense for a person that has been fully vaccinated to be made to keep wearing a mask. The federal building mask updated in May that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask anymore. The CDC has changed their restrictsetion also, so what is going on?

Our plant manager keeps making us wear them. He was overheard making a statement about all the people that went out on Coivid to get free money. Now we are all being punished

i was sent home again today over this mask policy… its been 3 months now and i get scheduked 3-6 days a week only to be sent home. even after staring myvreligious beliefs exempting me from such requirements. not to mention my PM didnt enforce the first oders for a entire year (last april 2020). ive written to EEO almost 2 CV months ago, with no reply and im denied access no matter how many times ive tried and every authorization code they send me—- everytime it states “invalid request.” my savings are almost depleted because im deprived of making… Read more »

I contacted OIG about this and got nowhere. Who do we contact?

I’m with you Art, since when did the postal service become Medical professionals? NOT! They were quick to adopt the mandate, but are slow as snail mail to DROP the requirement.

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Please people chime in and let us know if you are still required to wear a mask in your facility and where. We are in Syracuse NY

I’m in Maryland. While the mask mandate varied from county to county, it has now been lifted everywhere (except hospitals and doctor offices). I’ve not had to wear a mask to shop in my county since 5-15-2021. On Friday, I went into the local post office to mail a package. I was the ONLY PATRON in the PO. As soon as I took 2 steps in the door, a very angry postal worker yelled over from the counter to ask me where my mask was. I responded that I didn’t have a mask, and haven’t worn one in 9 months.… Read more »