USPS Is Already Facing Legal Action Over DeJoy’s Forthcoming Mail Slowdowns

In its lawsuit, the NAACP is asking that USPS policies in the run up to elections be made more explicit and that temporary measures instituted last year be made permanent. It did not ask for the judge on the case, Emmet Sullivan, to enjoin DeJoy’s not-yet-released business plan that will include slower delivery windows, but did ask for a permanent block on DeJoy’s reforms from last summer that limited extra and late mail transportation trips. That policy, by postal management’s own admission, led to widespread confusion, mail being left behind each day and, ultimately, significant delays so trucks could operate on a set schedule.

USPS has said it will continue to fight against the existing lawsuits, in which the Postal Service faced several initial defeats last year that remain in effect. A spokesman said on Tuesday USPS and DeJoy would continue to address “a lack of operational precision,” but will continue to comply with court orders.

Dave Partenheimer, the USPS spokesman, said DeJoy’s plan will reflect years of neglected problems that threaten the functioning of the Postal Service and the postmaster general is hoping to have the freedom to make necessary changes.

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