USPS is about to plug into electric mail carriers, thanks to Biden administration

The Biden administration will convert the entire fleet of federal vehicles to American-made EVs, and that will mean finally saying goodbye to the Grumman LLV.

The boxy, right-hand-drive trucks that deliver mail all across the US have a name: the Grumman Long Life Vehicle. But, as quickly as you may have learned its name, you’ll soon need to forget it. On Tuesday, President Biden signed an executive order mandating the federal government to convert its entire vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. And that means, folks, the United States Postal Service is going electric.

This is a massive opportunity to boost efficiency when it comes to the USPS and its very old, very tired and incredibly unreliable fleet of Grumman trucks. The vehicles are battle-tested, that’s for sure, but their life expectancy was only supposed to be 24 years. That’s already incredibly old for any vehicle driven at extensive length like a mail carrier. However, the average length of time one of the LLVs roamed US roads is actually 28 years. Many individual vehicles are over 30 years old, and they return an estimated 10 miles per gallon. In turn, taxpayers cough up about $500 million annually to gas mail carriers up, according to Climate Nexus data.


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I’m commenting on this article. Taxpayers don’t pay for the gas used by the LLV’s. Post Office receives money from postage sales to support the Post Office not taxpayers.

Tax payers don’t pay a dimetowar5d the cost of the Vehicles. Stamps do that

The postal service does not receive any tax money. Its operating expenses are paid from the sale of stamps, postal services and delivery of the mail. Taxpayers do not pay 500 million dollars to gas the postal fleet. RT McKee , President, American Postal Workers Union local 813, Creston Iowa