USPS integrates Click-N-Ship, Label Broker

The Postal Service has integrated Click-N-Ship with Label Broker, aiming to improve customer service and the organization’s position in the burgeoning shipping marketplace.

Label Broker allows customers without access to a printer to have their shipping labels printed at a participating Post Office. The labels are stored in a secure, online USPS repository.

Now, when a customer uses Click-N-Ship to create an online shipping label, he or she will have the option to receive an email that includes a Label Broker ID as a specially formatted QR code.

The customer can then bring their package and Label Broker ID — either printed or on a mobile device — to a participating Post Office. After presenting the ID to a retail associate, the employee will scan the QR code, affix the label to the package and provide the customer with a receipt.

“With more customers working from home — often without access to a printer — the combination of Click-N-Ship with Label Broker functionality facilitates USPS shipping for consumers, home offices and small businesses. This is a win for both customers and USPS,” said Gary Reblin, the Postal Service’s new products and innovations vice president.

Retail associates can review Retail Digest’s Sept. 1 edition for steps to properly and quickly handle Label Broker transactions.

Employees with questions can send an email to


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