USPS installing faster package sorters

The Postal Service is installing new package sorting equipment at 30 facilities across the nation.

The automated delivery unit sorters join 22 others that were installed in delivery units earlier this year during the initial phase of the rollout.

“By automating package sorting in delivery units, [these] machines will significantly reduce operational costs and improve customer service by accelerating package delivery,” said Don Crone, the Postal Service’s technology acquisition and program management director.

The equipment automates package sorting operations that are currently performed manually. Each sorter can rapidly process more than 2,500 packages per hour or 14,000 pieces per day.

Additionally, the machines’ accuracy rate exceeds 99.7 percent, eliminating the number of packages that are missorted. The improved efficiency also allows carriers to depart earlier to make their deliveries.

“The operators have been impressed by the sorter and enjoy working on it,” said Robert Hanlon, a senior delivery strategy specialist.

With holiday peak season on the horizon, the deployment of the new sorters will help the Postal Service continue its efforts to grow its package delivery and shipping business.

Last year, USPS delivered 6.2 billion packages, almost twice the number delivered a decade earlier. A surge in consumers shopping online contributed to the increase.

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So, Amazon pays PO roughly $1.59 per scan. PO breaks postal workers down,lugging gas grills/mattresses/grain/dog food….then UPGRADES equipment to appease Amazon?? Really??? Sell us out some more PMG! Why not do away with 10 of the 14 204B’s

So, these machines can only be used for less then 6 hours a day? What happens if they get 14,050 parcels in a day? What if there is no room in the building for any new equipment? Who gets to case their mail outside?

This is why they are doing the consolidated casing. Eliminate cases and you have the room, plus they can get rid of more clerks.

These are the new SPSS (Small Package Sorting System) machines, and they are HUGE. They can’t be deployed to stations. One is being installed in my P&DC right now, and takes the space that TWO AFSM100’s (where your buckets of non-FSS flats come from) occupied. Ours are supposedly going to be run up to 20 hours a day, based on the new staffing package that has been announced. This is speculation on my part, but if they run sort plans where each chute is a route in a Zip Code, I’m guessing you may get a sack (or more) of… Read more »

No carrier will leave early no matter how fast a machine runs. It will just take another PSE job away.

They will just delay everything else like DPS as long as make it out just in time to get Express mail to the customer by noon. Just like an army cuts the weight of a rifle and then says aha since the rifle weighs less hump these extra batteries