March 20, 2023
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2 years ago

Par for the course. Somebody has to be the hero. With all the hoopla about absentee ballots making the news, nobody wants to get caught with their pants down. Unfortunately, they are breaking the law. We have rules and laws for a reason.

2 years ago

I’m glad the guy came forward if he felt in good faith that this wasn’t right. There may be a valid explanation for it though, so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

2 years ago

This is irrelevant. Postmark does not matter. If the ballot isn’t in there clerk’s office by 8pm election day it doesn’t count.

Reply to  Steve
2 years ago

They were told to count all ballots postmarked on or before November 3rd to be counted. So how is this irrelevant when they were counting past Election Day?

2 years ago

In Michigan, the courts ruled that the ballots had to ARRIVE by 8PM on Election Day to be counted. This looks to me like someone found a tray of ballots and the supervisor was trying to cover his ass and make it look like someone else’s fault. Typical supervisor behavior. I have been asked to backdate mail by more than one supervisor. I refused, but some poor PSE on probation could be easily intimidated.