USPS In-transit package tracking messaging improved

The Postal Service has improved the messaging that customers see when they go online to track packages moving through the USPS network.

Previously, customers who use to track packages saw the following message when a package was in transit: “In-transit to the next facility.”

Customers now see this message when a package is in transit and expected to arrive by the delivery date shown on the tracking site: “In-Transit, Arriving On Time.”

If a package will be delivered later than expected, customers will see this message: “In-Transit, Arriving Late.”

The Postal Service made this change to provide customers with clearer information. Improving customers’ experiences is one of the organization’s core strategies.

This change took effect March 3.

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Does that include a new status of “In transit, Arriving late” and then no updates for days?

That’s exactly what it means. No more knowing where the package is during transit. Usps learned that customers follow their packages and customers have learned just how inefficient the Usps really is. Expect your packages to rarely arrive on time with this new way of hiding the information.

I have a package that shows it sat in the New York hub for 4 days, and has since shown the “In transit, arriving late” message for the past 6 days. It is clear that USPS has no idea where the package is. I am seeing dozens of similar posts with shipments coming from the New York hub. They are clearly having some major issues that they are not communicating to the public.

Its not just the New York hub, its everywhere. USPS is a joke.

This is just unacceptable considering the amount we have to pay for small packages, and the rate hikes while people from China can ship here for pennies. We are only shipping a few states over for gosh sake. This has happened on three of my packages so far, and I’m in Florida so it is not just New York. When I mentioned I had one hundred dollars of insurance on an item it got there the next day so what does that tell you. I know weather can be a factor, but the places I’m shipping to do not have… Read more »

Yea, they still couldn’t care less about your package..but thanks for letting us know what was already pretty obvious

lmao how is this more informative

If you are so fed up or continue to have bad experiences then use fed ex or ups or whatever I have had a few irregular shipping times but overall I will say it is not bad considering I have had hundreds of packages from 20+ different states considering all the possible problems and all the expenses companies come with and then this virus crap and etc it seems a bit ridiculous to bash on what you don’t actually know besides the usps is in jeopardy of closing its doors all together awesome wonder how much the other services will… Read more »

You sound like an angry postal worker. If I pay for 3day priority, I expect 3 day delivery, NOT 10 day!!

I would just like to know where my priority mail updates in 9 days. In transit arriving late.

Not every business offers anything besides USPS so how is that supposed to work. Sorry but when you pay for overnight, 2 day, priority, etc then you are paying to get your package in the allotted time frame. I have a package right now that shipped priority on the 2nd of December and it is now the 17th with the “in transit arriving late” message. Totally unacceptable. USPS should refund anyone with this message their shipping costs not the business that shipped it. Funny how I can order from Amazon Prime and two days later it is on my door… Read more »

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