USPS honors Wichita mail carrier for 60 years of service

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A United States Postal Service (USPS) worker was honored Friday morning at the distribution facility on 9350 E Corporate Hills Dr. for his decades-long mail delivery service.

Alan Cunningham, 81, started his job with the U.S. postal service 60 years ago. He says the satisfaction of coming to work is what keeps him going.

“I enjoy it, so I do it,” said Cunningham.

“He’s a true example of a letter carrier, comes in does his job, no complaining out of Alan Cunningham,” said Ryon Knopik, USPS.

On Friday morning, Cunningham was given a service award and a commemorative coin as a token of his lengthy career. He accrued more than 5,000 hours of sick leave and accomplished 2 million miles of accident-free driving and counting.

“I have no pointers. I just – thankful I’m still able to do it, that’s all I am,” said Cunningham.

“He has no plans to retire, you know, he is still going strong and he loves serving his customers each and every day,” said Knopik.


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