USPS has a supply of cooling neck gaiters for employees

The Postal Service has cooling neck gaiters for employees to wear during warm weather.

Gaiters are circular pieces of fabric that sit around a person’s neck and can be pulled up to cover the mouth and nose. Cooling gaiters can be dampened with cold water and wrung out; as the water evaporates, it absorbs heat from the skin of the person wearing it, providing relief.

By the end of April, the Postal Service will send a limited supply of blue cooling neck gaiters with the USPS logo to district supplies coordinators for distribution to employees.

The Postal Service also has blue cooling gaiters without the USPS logo that can be ordered through the Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center (MDC) eBuyPlus catalog. The item number is 8415180006909 and the maximum order quantity is 150 per site.

Facilities that wish to order higher quantities should contact their local district supplies coordinatorThe coordinators will place orders to maintain ample inventory for large and emergency requests, and they’ll redistribute quantities between sites to ensure availability.

Employees who choose to wear gaiters as a face covering during the coronavirus pandemic should follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommends folding them to create two layers to cover the mouth and nose.

During the pandemic, the Postal Service requires all employees to wear face coverings:

• In public-facing settings when there is a state or local directive in place; or

• When an employee who does not deal directly with the public cannot achieve or maintain social distancing in the workplace.

The COVID-19 Employee Resources Blue page has additional information under the “Supplies, Cleaning and Maintenance” tab.

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Should I follow the CDC recommendation to fold the neck gator or should I follow the CDC guidance to lose the mask entirely because I’m vaccinated? Are we following CDC guidance or not? You can’t quote an expired part of the guidance as current policy. Your either ignoring the recommendations or your following them. Let us know when you’ve “ decided” how to move forward with the CDC’s new policy. You guys know better than every reputable science and medical professional in the world. After all, your the geniuses that shoehorned FSS into the mix. What a success that has… Read more »

I’m embarrassed to work for 36 years for this pack of do nothing empty suits. Shame on you Postal management. The only reason we are still wearing masks is because no one above my pay grade actually does anything. It’s an actual crime. You should all be in jail for violating your employees rights.