USPS Grilled At DC Circ. Over Postal Supervisor Pay

Two D.C. Circuit judges took the U.S. Postal Service to task Tuesday, saying it had failed to fulfill statutory requirements to provide a differential in pay rates between thousands of supervisors and the employees they supervise and had not set compensation comparable to that provided in the private sector.

U.S. Circuit Judges Harry T. Edwards and Cornelia Pillard asserted this view while hearing oral arguments in the National Association of Postal Supervisors’ appeal to revive its lawsuit accusing the agency of underpaying supervisors. A D.C. federal judge had dismissed the case in July 2020, finding that the Postal Reorganization Act,


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The majority of supervisors at USPS are overpaid and worthless goons. Supervisors at the Post Office are low skilled and unprofessional and run their offices like boot camps.