USPS gets ahead of missing packages with AI edge computing

USPS already captured these package images for barcode and address resolution. USPS has been using AI for address resolution since the early 2000s.

While USPS said it’s currently using its AI capabilities as a “troubleshooting tool,” the agency is exploring about 30 other use cases to expand its use of AI.

Anthony Robbins, NVIDIA’s vice president for federal, said the success of an initial three-week sprint helped the agency explore other ways to adopt this technology.

“We had some NVIDIA engineers, some Postal Service engineers, and some of our equipment. We ran some sample benchmark, and we basically showed them what was possible to do and wasn’t particularly challenging. That was against a problem set that they didn’t think they had an ability to solve.”

USPS, for example, is exploring how AI could automatically check if a package carries the right postage for its size, weight, and distance traveled. It’s also looking at using AI to read damaged barcodes, and expects this capability could be in use as soon as this summer.

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